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- How to get rid of all your food intolerance in days

- How to get your healthy body back
- How to stop the clawing gut pain
- How to stop the chronic fatigue
- How to get out of a Crohn's/Colitis flare up
- How to stop going to the bathroom +10 times per day

- Which foods to eat and which to avoid

We Can Help With These Issues

Intestinal Conditions
 - IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
 - IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Diseases)
 - Crohn's Disease (Ileitis, Jejunitis)
 - Colitis & Ulcerative Colitis

 - Leaky Gut
 - Celiac
 - Diarrhea
 - Constipation
 - Gut pain
 - Blood and Mucus in Stools
 - Intestinal Cramps
 - Bloating
 - Strictures
 - SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth)

Food Intolerances
 - Dairy Intolerance
 - Lactose Intolerance
 - Caesin Intolerance
 - Gluten Intolerance
 - Histamine Intolerance
 - All Food Intolerance: I can help you eat any and all foods again including candy, alcohol and junk foods.
Stomach Conditions
 - Indigestion
 - Gastritis
 - H. Pylori
 - Stomach Viruses
 - Heartburn
 - Acid Reflux
 - Dyspepsia

 - Candida
 - E. Coli
 - Lyme Disease
 - Mold toxicity

 - H. Pylori
 - Epstein Barr virus

 - Stomach Viruses

 - SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth)

Rectal Conditions
 - Proctitis
 - Per-Anal Fistulas
 - Anal Fissures
 - Hemorrhoids
 - Rectal Bleeding
Autoimmune Symptoms
 - Fatigue
 - Insomnia
 - Hypo and/or Hyper Thyroid

 - Hashimoto's Disease
 - Brain fog
 - Acne

 - Eczema/Psoriasis
 - Arthritis/Joint Pain
 - Fevers
 - Headaches/Migraines
 - Hairloss/Dandruff
 - Underweight

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*I cannot guarantee these Crohn's & Colitis results but when diets and drugs failed me and my students... We used this 4 step process to stop our Crohn's & Colitis symptoms.