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Because it is the EASIEST and FASTEST way to heal your gut.

Mike, I'm already "buttered up". I trust you because all the other “gut experts” are still on boring diets and get symptoms when eating normal food. I want your program now!

Even if you don’t want my protocol… Please keep reading and watch the video above for your own good. There is NO ONE who has tried more remedies to heal their gut than me. The video above will at least get you headed in the right direction and is more helpful than gut health programs that costs +$3,000.

What Do You Get Inside My Program?

Educational Videos

Get lifetime access to videos that will turn off your gut symptoms which are controlled from your brain. Accessible thru any web browser on your pc, mac, laptop, tablet and/or smartphone.

Click here to see the syllabus.


Step 1: Understand
- Understand your gut
- Understand your mind
Step 2: Which diet has the most nutrients?
Step 3: How to find your conflict and PTSD triggers
Step 4: How to stop traumatic memories putting your gut in and out of overdrive
- Trauma relief technique #1
- Trauma relief technique #2
- Trauma relief technique #3

How To Heal Other Gut Conditions
- Heartburn, GERD, Acid Reflux and Gastritis
- Fatigue, Anemia, Bone pain and Arthritis
- Anal Fissures and Hemorrhoids
- Perianal Fistula's and Anal Abscesses
- Constipation

What does each day of the 13-day protocol go over?
Day 1: Understand your gut
Day 2: Understand your mind
Day 3: How to stop 90% of your food intolerances
Day 4-6: How to find the conflict that started your gut symptoms
Day 7: How to stop the few remaining food intolerances
Day 8-9: How to do trauma relief technique #1
Day 10-11: How to do trauma relief technique #2
Day 12-13: How to do trauma relief technique #3

13-Day Protocol Worksheets

This is a day-by-day and step-by-step guide to getting better. Each exercise wiggles free trapped hidden memories that are putting your gut in and out of overdrive and come to peace with those memories.

These pages were developed alongside a certified hypnotist and Neuro-Linguistic Programming coach.

What RESULTS Can You Expect From My Program?

No More Gut Pain

A Healthy Body


No More Constipation

No Surgery

No Diarrhea (Blood/Mucus)

No More Food Intolerances

No More Fatigue


How Much Money Are Your Gut Issues STEALING From You?

This one student was about to pay $3,000 for unnecessary supplements but instead enrolled in my program and saved $2,000 instantly… also keep in mind… if he didn't take my program… he would have found another supplement regimen to follow costing him another couple $1,000.

How much money are you flushing down the toilet every month?

I bought a $1,000 package for an infrared sauna to “detox” my gut symptoms away… did nothing.

I have seen people buy these infrared saunas for their homes… that is $2,000.

I did a Hyperbaric Oxygen chamber treatment package… $1,500 into the toilet.

I went to see the acupuncturist… once a week for 3 months… another $1,000 is gone.

Countless trips to the GI doctor, $50 each even with my employer's most expensive insurance plan $500 per month or $6,000 per year!

I had to waste paid sick and vacation time to visit the clueless GI doctor.

Put extra miles on my car… burn more money on gas and 'wear and tear' on my car.

Risk getting in an accident driving in rush hour traffic or getting a $500 ticket.

Getting rushed to the ER and hospital expenses costs

$10,000’s and is the biggest cause of bankruptcy in the USA.

I signed up for a $1000 colonic package… which does feel wonderful… but again did nothing for my symptoms.

I went to countless health seminars which cost $500 for sign-up, $500 on a plane ticket… then another $500 on hotels… and another $500 on random travel expenses.

I'm sure my subconscious mind is suppressing all the other countless expenses I have encountered over my 10-year journey.

I spent 1,000’s of hours researching how to fix my butt hole which could have been invested into my career skill set… I was making about $80,000 per year when my other friends were making $150,000 just simply because they COULD focus on money… when I could ONLY FOCUS ON NOT FARTING MYSELF TO DEATH.

Career-wise my gut issues were costing me $1,500 per week or $6,000 per month or $70,000 per year!

Depending on your current income…. One should have anywhere from $5,000 to $25,000 extra in their pocket every YEAR. That extra money could buy you a nice car or get you started on your dream home over the course of 5 or 10 years.

Over 5 years that is between $25,000 and $125,000!

Over 10 years that is between $50,000 and $250,000!

It is time to make the BEST INVESTMENT OF YOUR LIFE!

It is pretty much an instant at least 5x or 5 ROI on your money… meanwhile, you got money rotting away in a savings account making… 2%. You are not making 2% in a savings account… because yearly inflation is at least 10% per year...

Think about it... having $1,000 sit in a bank account all year doing nothing will cost you at least $100 to inflation.

You could make a BARE MINIMUM of 500% on your money.

Money is useless until it is spent.

You saved this money for a good investment… and my 13-protocol is the best investment of your life!

All the other gut health courses out there are literal CRAP and require $1,000’s of supplements to still have to follow a strict diet after years of walking a holistic tightrope.

We have payment plans available.

There is a money-back guarantee.

Refer 4 friends and the program is FREE.

The program is better than FREE… You will make and save $1,000’s EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE because of the information in my program.

Yearly run down of gut health expenses:

- Lost wages/salary from a job (+$20k/yr)

- Medical expenses ($5k/yr)

- Canceling vacations last minute ($5k/yr)

- Cost of a good-looking body ($2.5k/yr)

- Unnecessary supplements ($2.5k/yr)

- Unnecessary organic foods ($2.5k/yr)

- Unnecessary health education ($2.5k/yr)

Total expenses: $25k-$50k per year!

What Nice Things Would You Enjoy... If Your Symptoms Were Not Stealing All Your Money?

Imagine how you could be spending this money in a more fun way.

You could be smelling the interior of a brand-new car vs. a smelly bathroom at a random gas station.

Feel designer clothing brush against your now healthy skin and body.

See the latest smartphone and/or laptop in front of you.

Where would you travel if you had the time, money and health?

Taste the buttery dishes of France?

Feel the Caribbean sun cook your skin to that perfect shade of golden brown?

Wrap your hands around the newest version of whatever smartphone you prefer.

What do you want to buy but can't because you don't have enough money?

You could buy it if you were not flushing $1,000's down the toilet every year.

How Much Is My Program?

My competitor's program is +$3,000 for garbage results.

$3,000 is just the tip of the iceberg. You are also required to take $250 worth of supplements every month! Over 2 years that is $6,000! It also recommends other very expensive remedies as well.

So for $10,000 and after 2 years of hard work, this person still cannot go to Italy and enjoy the pizza and pasta! This is insanity because my program will heal all of your food intolerances WITHOUT supplements in days!

No other program stops food intolerances in DAYS and not require boring diets!

The above testimonial is from my program. You don't have to suffer on an insanely boring diet while you heal. Strict diets actually make the healing process IMPOSSIBLE.

My business coach demanded I make my program $5,000 because it is FAR AND AWAY the best program on the market.

I could not make my program $5,000 without a heavy heart. So I reduced the price to something about the price of the device you are holding in your hands (your smartphone).

My program is only ...497!

My business coach threatened to break up with me when he saw this price! Enroll now before my coach talks some sense into and I raise the price to at least $2,000.

Here Are 5 HUGE BONUSES to Make This Decision EASY

You Will Not Get These 5 Bonuses If Timer Expires

Bonus #1
+100 Hours of GNM Session Recordings

When I first started learning German New Medicine, I really wanted to see how a session was done but no videos are available online : (

What does a GMN coach do to help turn off disease in someone's brain?

What kinds of questions do they ask?

What do they talk about?

I have over +100 hours of Zoom meeting recordings of live GNM sessions for you to learn from!

Bonus #2
Videos On How To Heal Other Health Conditions

Dr. Hamer's German New Medicine mapped out every disease in the body and how to fix it. Inside we have bonus videos that cover conditions such as eczema, acne, fatigue, anemia, brain fog, arthritis, depression, bi-polar behavior, etc...

Bonus #3
Mini-Course Male/Female Attraction Explained

Your life will be miserable if you don't the basics of masculine/feminine principles from a biological perspective because you won't know the things you need to do to keep your partner attracted to you.

The most common conflict that causes gut issues is romantic relationship drama. Learn how to attract the partner of your dreams or keep your current partner attracted to you. Which in turn will lessen your gut symptoms.

Bonus #4
Get My Unpublished Book

I have been working on a book for a while that is packed with tons of life-saving information that will blow your mind. Not sure when it will be finished but I will give you my unpublished manuscript as a bonus!

Bonus #5
Mini-Course Nutrition 101

After you take this mini-course... you will never need to take another course about nutrition ever again... and you will know more about nutrition than 99.9% of the humans on planet Earth.

There is one nutritional supplement... that increases your utilization of all the other nutrients coming into you by at least 200%!

Most of you are wasting anywhere from 25%-50% of your nutrients coming in because you don't have this one vitamin supplement coming into you.

My nutrition 101 course... is better than all dietitian doctorate degrees... I'm serious : )

How To MAKE MONEY With Mike's Program

When you get better with my 13-Day Protocol... do you think that you could convince other people to sign up? That will put MONEY back into your pocket and let's not forget about the $10,000 per year you will save simply by not having your symptoms.

Mike will give you 35% commission on anything you sell!

We have a few affiliates that make a full-time living off our affiliate program.

Simply tell a few friends with gut issues about my program and it will fully pay for my 13-day protocol.

How Do You Sign Up? How Do You Move Forward?

1. Put in your payment information below. We accept many different payment methods. Payment plans are available too.

2. Go to your email and click the link to log in.

3. Start watching videos that will save your life.

4. Print out the 13-Day Protocol Worksheet PDF.

5. Start the worksheet which rewires to your brain and turns off your "disease" which is controlled from your brain.

Normal Price is $2,000!!! Save $1,500

How Much Value Are Your Getting For 497?

What You Get... Estimated Value
Core Educational Videos $2,000
13-Day Protocol Workbook $500
Bonus 1: +100 Hours of Sessions Recordings $1,000
Bonus 2: Videos On How To Treat Any Disease with GNM $5,000
Bonus 3: Female Attraction Explained Course $1,000
Bonus 4: My UnPublished Book ???
Bonus 5: My Nutrition 101 Course $1,000
Random Gut Disease Yearly Expenses $25,000
Total value: +$50,000


No products available


30-Day Action-Based Money Back Guarantee
If after 30 days you are not happy with your progress & you have filled out your worksheets then I will give you your money back.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get inside the program?

You get
- My core educational videos
- My PDF Printable 13-day protocol workbook

1. +100 Hours of GNM Sessions Recordings
2. How to treat any condition with GNM
3. Female Attraction 101 course
4. My UnPublished Book
5. Nutrition 101 Course

Video Program Syllabus

Step 1: Understand
- Understand your gut
- Understand your mind
- Understand your morsel

Step 2: Which diet has the most nutrients?

Step 3: How to find your conflict and PTSD triggers

Step 4: How to stop traumatic memories putting your gut in and out of overdrive
- Trauma relief technique #1
- Trauma relief technique #2
- Trauma relief technique #3

How To Heal Other Gut Conditions
- Heartburn, GERD, Acid Reflux and Gastritis
- Fatigue, Anemia, Bone pain and Arthritis
- Anal Fissures and Hemorrhoids
- Perianal Fistula's and Anal Abscesses
- Constipation

What does each day of the 13-day protocol go over?Day 1: Understand your gut
Day 2: Understand your mind
Day 3: How to stop 90% of your food intolerances
Day 4-6: How to find the conflict that started your gut symptoms
Day 7: How to stop the few remaining food intolerances
Day 8-9: How to do trauma relief technique #1
Day 10-11: How to do trauma relief technique #2
Day 12-13: How to do trauma relief technique #3

Will I really get better in 13 days?

It depends on where you are with your conflict.

All food intolerances will be gone by day 7. That is EASY.

Some people are almost completely healed after day 6.

For others, it takes 13 days.

Then for someone else they might have to do the 13-day protocol 2 or 3 times.

I designed the protocol to be repeatable. Some brains need more rewiring than others. I know exactly what your brain needs to see and hear to switch off gut disease... I just don't know how many times it needs to hear it ; )

I have tried everything… Will this really help?

Yes! We all have the same hardware and software helping us through this survival game called life. Our systems have different sensory inputs which get stored as a memory. There are a few traumatic memories still haunting us that are putting our gut in and out of overdrive... we just need to find them and rewrite them... and your gut will stop going in and out of overdrive : )

Do I need to follow a special diet or supplements?

No, strict diets make IBS, IBD, Crohn's & Colitis much worse in the long run because it makes you afraid of food and your body will start to reject everything.

You can heal on any diet. BUT there are some foods and supplements I recommend to give the body vital building blocks to put your gut back together.

Gut disease is not a nutritional deficiency or caused by toxins from non-organic food. Your gut is being put in and out of overdrive due to a trauma you are still haunted by on a conscious and subconscious level.

My nutrition work is rooted in the work of Weston A. Price that witnessed what healthy primitive populations ate that were so healthy they had perfectly straight teeth and ZERO CAVITIES!

Aren't Autoimmune diseases incurable?

I find it was too convenient and profitable for drug companies to claim Crohn’s and Colitis is incurable. I have seen many people cure their Crohn’s and Colitis. I don’t understand how humans spend $1,000,000,000 in research yearly and still are not even close to a solution. Especially when there is already a solution!

They told the Wright brothers that flying was impossible and that they should give up… I refuse to believe that Crohn’s and Colitis are incurable. They induce Crohn’s and Colitis in rats just by stressing them out. In the early 1900’s GI doctors knew it was caused by stress.

When my GI doctor told me, there was no cure… I looked at him with confusion and said… “Then why are you trying to figure it out?” So I figured it out myself.

I don’t understand my symptoms from the German New Medicine perspective.

The 2 most common times someone gets symptoms is when a conflict gets resolved and your body starts to remove extra gut cells. And encountering a PTSD trigger that reminds us of the conflict will also put the gut into overdrive and cause symptoms.

I don’t know what my conflict shock was, will this still work?

Yes! Mike himself isn't actually sure of what his first conflict shock is but he is still able to eat whatever he wants, has no symptoms and maintains a healthy body easily.

I am not aware of any triggers, are they still there?

Yes, most PTSD triggers run on the subconscious mind so we are not consciously aware of them at first. The 13-Day Protocol will help you see them!

Will this program work with or without drugs?

Yes, someone can get better on my program both WITH or WITHOUT drugs.

Why isn’t everyone doing German New Medicine?

According to history… Humans don’t like change… even if for the better.

Cars were hated in the 1920s and took years to change the public's opinion.

In the 1930s adding sound to moving pictures or movies… was just CRAZY!

Galileo in the early 1600’s made many discoveries in astronomy and they threw him in jail for life!

Even electricity was feared for a long time… one of the USA president’s wife refused to touch a light switch because she feared it would electrocute her to death.

In a Portuguese court, Dr. Hamer had a 90% success rate with THERMAL CANCER out of 6,500 patients and the court still took his medical license away?!

Before Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine was tainted by modern medicine… Stress-causing disease was a huge concept.

Before big pharma took over in the 1970’s there were tons of books and studies about stress causing gut disease.

Dr. Hamer, the founder of German New Medicine, practiced during a time before big pharma took over and medical technologies like the CT scan existed so he could map out each disease in great detail.

German New Medicine has only been translated into English for about 10 years. In my business experience making something great isn't the hard part it is marketing it and getting people to understand it and see the value in it.

Where do I get German New Medicine?

German New Medicine isn't a drug or a pill that you take. Some others refer to it as Germanic Healing Knowledge. GNM is a whole new way of looking at out disease operates in the body. Modern and holistic medicine blames disease on genetics, toxins, nutritional deficiencies, infections, etc...

GNM clearly shows us thru CT scans that "disease" (not to be confused with injury and nutritional deficiencies) is controlled from the brain. We are all wired for survival. Every organ in the body has a survival purpose. So when faced with a conflict shock, our survival is at risk and the brain will put an organ into overdrive to increase its survival capabilities.

Dr. Hamer tested extra gut cells from the conflict active phase and they digested food 10 times faster than normal gut cells! During the conflict active phase the rings in the brain CT scan would appear sharp and after the conflict resolution appears washed out. Dr. Hamer could look at your brain CT scan and know exactly what health conditions that person was dealing with.

Which conditions are directly addressed in your program?

Intestinal Conditions 
- IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) 
- IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Diseases) 
- Crohn's Disease (Ileitis, Jejunitis) 
- Colitis & Ulcerative Colitis 
- Leaky Gut 
- Celiac 
- Diarrhea 
- Constipation 
- Gut pain 
- Blood and Mucus in Stools 
- Intestinal Cramps 
- Bloating 
- Strictures -
SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth)

Food Intolerances 
- Dairy Intolerance 
- Lactose Intolerance 
- Casein Intolerance 
- Gluten Intolerance 
- Histamine Intolerance 
- All Food Intolerance: You eat any and all foods again including candy, alcohol & junk foods.

Stomach Conditions 
- Indigestion 
- Gastritis 
- H. Pylori 
- Stomach Viruses 
- Heartburn 
- Acid Reflux 
- Dyspepsia

- Candida 
- E. Coli 
- Lyme Disease 
- Mold toxicity 
- H. Pylori 
- Epstein Barr virus 
- Stomach Viruses 
- SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth)

Rectal Conditions 
- Proctitis 
- Per-Anal Fistulas 
- Anal Fissures 
- Hemorrhoids 
- Rectal Bleeding

Will a therapist or psychologist help?

Yes, no... Maybe. If you want a good laugh ask a therapist or psychologist to "define what an emotion is". They will either give you a really bad answer or none at all.

How can someone help you feel less negative emotions... if they don't even know what an emotion is?!

There are some good mental health professionals out there that help their clients find and resolve the conflict THAT IS EVOKING THESE NEGATIVE EMOTIONS but they are a select few.

You need to get a good understanding of how a traumatized mind behaves and what your brain/body is doing from a German New Medicine perspective to heal quickly.

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